You know when you
walk into a room and you forgot why you went in there? That’s what happened to
me when i finally sat down to write my blog. For months I have stored an array
of topics in my mind to write about, but no, just as I am ready to off-load I suddenly
develop writers block. So I thought I
would talk to you about my first day back to work after annual leave. Only a
week, 6 days to be precise, a 10 day break if you count the weekends. Not long,
but enough to relax and start afresh. The broom stick is away and the cobwebs

I saw a penny on
the ground at the bus stop this morning so I picked it up, and you know what
they say about that. A good omen for the day. The buses, I catch two, run the gauntet of road works efficiently and
deposit me successfully at my destination and, after popping into Sainsbury’s
to purchase necessary provisions to see me through the day, I arrive at my work
place with time to spare. Not wanting to give
free time to my employer, and determined to put into practice my new
work resolutions, work to rule, life/work balance, that sort of thing, I walked
up the four flights of stairs to the office to waste some time, made good by
reminding myself that exercise is beneficial.

It was a good
start to the day, Christmas meal menu choices sorted, no problems reported and
everyone in good spirit. In fact it was a rather disappointing morning to be
truthful. Of course there is a backlog of work
to catch up on, but I could detect no skullduggery having
gone on in my absence. One expects to be
missed a little and to discover the usual foray of activity has taken place.
What oh then. So, it seems to be a relaxing day to look forward to. My lady is
away and we are entertained by the radio and the dulcet tones of a fog horn. After deleting most of my emails, one in
particular comes to mind asking us to submit votes for our line manager for the
annual staff awards – the cheek of it, and setting the order for the day, I set
about my tasks. Before long lunch-time arrives.

I have vowed
never to work through lunch again, so remove myself from the office to a much
less savoury room to enjoy my lunch, which is a mix of whatever we had left in
the fridge at home since I never went grocery shopping at the weekend. Our staff, come meeting, room is grubby,
smells nasty and has no windows but it is quiet, deserted and provides a place
to put ones feet up for half an hour and ease oneself of a little (a lot)

I inform my
supervisor that my afternoon will be spent envelope stuffing. Best not to overload myself too early in the
week with achieving targets. The fruits of my labour were enough to prove my
not having been idle all day. A diary
date comes through informing me of our monthly meeting coming up next week and
can we think of some new things to discuss as we keep going round in circles
with our agendas. I think that pretty much sums it up .

Tools were downed
ready for departure on time at 4pm. I decided to risk our nearest exit lift and
hold my breath, hoping not to plummet to the ground, as it decends the four
levels. Safely exited in the light of day, I gaily skip to the bus for the
journey home.

As a means of
passing the time on the first of the evening’s three buses, since I was
standing, I did some buttock clenching between stops, keeping the exercise
regime going. Bus number three delivers me safely home. It is dark now and
foggy, the same as when I first set out this morning, but all in all it has
been a good first day back. A fresh start.